Bomi Joseph Explains How COVID-19 Has Changed the Job Of a Medical Director

Bomi Joseph
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Bomi Joseph On How COVID-19 Has Changed the Job Of a Medical Director

LOS GATOS, CA, UNITED STATES, September 13, 2021 / — Bomi Joseph, a medical director, says that the COVID-19 global pandemic has changed the medical industry. His position as a medical director has experienced many of these changes, as he is responsible for putting in place guidelines and protocols for staff, while also ensuring clients are safe, comfortable, and cared for. Here are three of the major changes that Mr. Joseph says he has experienced in his position due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Bomi Joseph Says Medical Directors Had to Ensure Staff and Clients Have the Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment

One of the biggest changes that Bomi Joseph has experienced in his line of work is working hard to ensure his staff and the clients have the appropriate personal protective equipment they need to do their job. At the beginning of the pandemic, finding PPE was a challenge, yet it was something that was needed. Medical directors had to coordinate with other medical facilities, county health districts, and suppliers, to get everything they needed for their medical centers.

Bomi Joseph States Flexible Scheduling Due to Illness and Potential COVID Exposure Was Another Change

Another major change that Bomi Joseph and other medical directors experienced was having to be far more flexible with schedules than they had ever been. If a staff member was potentially exposed to COVID or felt ill, they may have had to call out or quarantine. The number of staff who could work was limited based on potential exposure and illnesses, and this made staffing a challenge. Some medical directors even found themselves having to revert back to a doctor role to fill in missing gaps in schedules, as needed.

Bomi Joseph Explains How the Role Changed Into One of Being a Nurturer As Well

The final change the medical directors experienced this year was having to play the role of nurturer. Being a medical provider is tough. You experience illness, injury, and death regularly. However, many staff members and clients were experiencing fear, anxiety, and stress, simply due to the unknown surrounding the pandemic and the illness itself. Many medical directors had to nurture and support both their staff and clients. Many medical directors had to be a sounding board and a counselor of sorts. They also had to uplift their staff and comfort them.

Bomi Joseph feels fortunate to have a job he loves, even if the past year and a half has been full of a lot of anxiety, stress, and changes. He loves to help his staff and he loves to help people and that comes through. While COVID-19 has changed the medical world, many people like Mr. Joseph still feel the same about their job and still feel fortunate that they are in a position to help others, especially during such a tough time.

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