Dr. Bomi Joseph Explains How to Boost Your Immune System Naturally

Bomi Joseph
3 min readOct 30, 2019


As cold and flu season begins, many patients begin to search the shelves for medications and supplements that they can use as prophylaxis to help boost their immune systems. However, most of the times these medications work solely through the placebo effect rather than having any true health advantages.

Dr. Bomi Joseph is the Director of Peak Health Center in Los Gatos, California, and is a proponent of what he calls “endohealth”, or the practice of health from within. He strongly believes that there are practices that allow for treatment without the harmful need for medications with chemicals and large side effect profiles. He notes that supplements such as ColdFX are used widely, although not enough data is present to prove its benefits, and studies are still needed to prove its safety, therefore he suggests using natural practices and sources to help boost immunity.

Change Your Diet

As humans, our most important source of vitamins and nutrients is from our diet and the foods that we eat. These nutrients form the basis of all the cells of our body, and all physiological function. Therefore, it is imperative that we take the necessary steps to eat as healthy as possible.

Dr. Bomi Joseph suggests following the new American Food Guide to maximize intake of important micro, and macronutrients. Proper portions of proteins, fruits, and vegetables provide the foundation needed to support our immune system, and the rest of our body. Certain foods, such as citrus foods (oranges, clementines, and lemons) help provide Vitamin C, an important factor in both our innate and adaptive immune systems and can help prevent the need for taking supplements which contain harmful chemicals. The Indian gooseberry (Phyllanthus emblica) and the drumstick (Moringa oleifera) are examples of a fruit and vegetable that greatly regulate the immune system.

Our society is also programmed to eat higher calorie density foods. They are quite tasty and addictive, but they are contradictory to the natural foods available in nature. The foods that are very healthy for us have very low-calorie density. Are you familiar with the phrase “as strong as an ox?” An ox eats grass. Almost all fad foods are too rich for us and have caused the current obesity epidemic.

Exercise Regularly

Dr. Bomi Joseph suggests getting enough regular exercise as another way of boosting your immune system naturally. Hundreds of studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of regular exercise on general health and circulation, and it is through this that the immune system is able to work more efficiently.

As blood flows through the body, toxins and other harmful substances are cleared by the body, while at the same time new cells are provided with oxygen and the nutrients needed to replenish cells, such as those involved in immunity.

Cutting out Bad Habits

Another simple way to boost the immune system is to cut out bad habits, such as smoking, drinking alcohol in excess, and eating out too much. Dr. Joseph explains that smoking negatively harms the immune system as toxins and chemicals present in cigarettes and smoke products damage cells, and do not allow for maturation of new ones. Both proper sleep and healthy eating provide the optimal environment for cell growth and natural defense, and without these the immune system can suffer. Adequate sleep is required to allow the body to rest and replenish its store of cells that die naturally, as well as balancing circulating hormones, all of which are involved in providing a natural immune response.

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